Avoid Fines & Injuries with Staff Training

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Last month, a firm namely Meredith and Eyre Ltd were fined £12,000 as a result of an employee was badly injured by a Forklift carrying a load.


The company is a trailer manufacturer based in Cheshire and one of their forklifts was carrying out a task which included moving a stack of three trailer chassis using a lift truck.


At the point that the load was lifted, the three trailer chassis moved on the forks resulting in an employee on the site being injured when the load hit him.


As a result of load moving, the employee suffered a broken rib, four spinal fractures, a broken left scapula wounds to the ankle, shoulder and his head.


An investigation was conducted by a Health and Safety Executive who in turn produced findings that the company had failed to properly and thoroughly plan the task. The stack of chassis had not been checked to be safe and secure however, should it have been made safe and secure the load would not have moved.


The investigation resulted in the advice that should Refresher training have been provided to employees, the employees would have the knowledge to identify the correct centre of gravity thus resulting in safer operation.


This is just one incidence where Refresher Training would have proven to have given the staff the required knowledge to operate machinery safety in the workplace.


To keep your staff safe and reduce the risk of fines, ensure that your staff have the full or correct training required for their role.


Forklift Agency provide both novice and refresher training to employers and their employees. We provide training all over the country to both individuals and groups, and we don’t charge travelling costs. We can also provide the training at a time and place to suit you.


Call the team today to find out more on 0330 330 9495 and complete the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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