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Conversion Forklift Training

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Forklift Agency Ltd offer Conversion Forklift Training Courses for those who are certification on one type such as a Counterbalance, but require certification for another forklift truck type such as a Reach truck

Who will benefit from this course?

Employees who are already certificated to use one forklift truck type, but wish to convert their skills and operate another truck type.

A good example of this is those certificated on a counterbalance truck and wish to learn how to operate a reach forklift truck.

What will they gain?

Forklift operators will gain new skills and experience on a new forklift truck type. They will also be brought up-to-date with current legislation, best practice and safe use of the equipment.

What is the course duration?

A conversion course is usually a one day course, however, depending on the forklift type, this may require 2 days. Please contact the team for more information.

Day One

Please Call FOr Details
  • Introduction to the Conversion Course
  • Health & Safety
  • Operators Safety Videos
  • Truck Stability & Capacity Rating
  • Truck Controls & Instruments
  • Load Handling
  • Advance Truck Maneuvers
  • Theory Test
  • Pre-use Test
  • Practical Test

Forklift Types


Bendi Forklift Training

The Bendi truck, also known as the ‘Pivot Steer’ is a smart, space efficient forklift that is easier to use than other forklift trucks and

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Telescopic Forklift Training

Telescopic Forklift Training

Telescopic Forklift Trucks are also known as Telehandler or Telescopic Handler, is similar in appearance and function to a traditional forklift, but is crossed with

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Powered Pallet Truck Training

Powered Pallet Truck Training

Powered Pallet Trucks (PPT) is a walk behind forklift that is used to move pallets quickly and efficiently around a workplace environment. These are often

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Side Loading Forklift Truck

Side Loading Forklift Truck

Side Loading Forklift Trucks are ideal when it comes to carrying and handling long loads. They are mainly used in wood and timber processing plants

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