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Please find below our most asked questions about our Forklift Training programs, if you can’t see the answer, please do drop the team a line using our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age that a person can operate a Forklift Truck?

The minimum age where a person can operate a forklift truck is 16 years old, except in ports where the minimum age is 18 years old. If the forklift is to be used on a public highway, a full driving licence is also required.

Do operators of forklift trucks require training?

Yes, all operators of forklift trucks require HSE recognised training on the equipment type that they will be using. It is the employers duty to ensure that all staff are trained.

How often do forklift operators need to be re-tested?

Forklift Operators need to be re-tested via a refresher training course every 3-5 years, as recommended by the Health & Safety Executive. Training may be advised sooner by either the HSE or your insurance company.

How often do forklift trucks be inspected within the workplace?

Forklift trucks should ideally be inspected on a daily basis and before each operator turns on the ignition. Forklift trucks should be checked at the start of every shift and a log kept and signed. Evidence of this should be kept by the employer. We sell forklift check pads within our shop.

Where is the forklift truck training carried out?

We carry out all of the forklift truck training at your business premises. There are lots of positives to us carry out on-site forklift training including:
– Employees feel more comfortable being in a familiar environment
– We can integrate the training into your employees daily workflow
– Costs are generally cheaper than training centres
– We can train up to 3 people per day, per instructor

Do you offer weekend forklift training?

Yes, we offer weekend training at your business premises at no extra cost. We can also tailor our forklift training programs into shift patterns, be it, mornings, afternoons, evenings or over night.

How long does the training take?

The duration of our training depends on the number of trainees and the experience level. Refresher courses usually last 1 day and we can train up to 3 people. Novice courses usually take between 3-5 days and we can train up to 3 employees. Our team will discuss your requirements and tailor the forklift training to your requirements.

Do you offer account facilities?

Yes, we offer 30 day accounts, however, we always ask that the first booking is paid in advance. We also require an account application form completing, we will then run the company through credit reference agencies; Creditsafe and Experian. We also offer payment of invoices via Direct Debit.

Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards?

Yes, however, we only accept corporate credit and debit cards. We also charge a card processing fee. We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Personal cards are not accepted.

Do Forklift Licences expire?

Many customers confuse the expiration of the NORS licence with RTITB. However, the licence nd certification of the basic forklift training does not expire.
Once you’ve received forklift training and certification, you are entitled to operate a forklift without renewal, however, it is recommended that you have refresher training every 3-5 years.

I’m certificated on a Counterbalance, can I drive a Reach truck?

If you have been qualified on a counterbalance or another truck type and you would like to drive a different truck type, such as a reach or VNA, then you would need formal training.
This is classed as a conversion course and so long as your current forklift certification is dated within the last 3-5 years, you’ll be good to get us booked.

Do I need a forklift licence?

In truth, there is no such thing as a forklift licence. However, forklift operators are given a certification of training which is often referred to as a Forklift Licence.
You do require formal forklift training to operate a forklift truck safely in the workplace.

Do you offer accredited training?

Our standard certificates are classed as “in-house certification.” This means that you have received formal HSE recognised forklift training and can safely operate a forklift truck in a workplace.
However, some employers do not allow you to take your certification with you, we do however, offer accredited training where required.

Do you offer ID Cards?

Yes, we offer ID cards as a small optional extra. Please let our training team know and we will process this at the same time as the certification. We will of course require a digital or passport photograph to include on your ID card.

Can I use a forklift truck on a public highway?

If the forklift truck will travel more than 1,000 yards on a public highway, it must be registered with the DVLA and a V5 document will be issued to the legal registered owner, this can be the employer or a leasing company.
The person operating the forklift truck on a public highway must hold a valid UK driving licence and also have the formal forklift training.

Do I legally have to train forklift truck operators?

Yes, it is the employer’s responsibility to train forklift truck operators. This is covered by the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and can also be found in Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
As the employer, you must ensure that anyone who uses lift trucks has received the correct HSE recognised training.

Do I have to train Pallet Truck Operators?

Yes, pallet trucks are also covered by the Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. It’s extremely important that any employee, part-time or full-time has adequate training and certification to operate a pallet truck.

Do I need to keep records of my employees training?

Yes, without a doubt training records should be kept up-to-date and re-visited where required. It is recommended by Health & Safety that all forklift operators should receive refresher courses after 3-5 years.

I have moved jobs and lost my certification, can I get a copy?

Yes, you can contact ourselves for a copy of your certification. We charge a small nominal fee to get a copy and authorisation may be required from your previous employer. If you are unable to get a copy, your new employer may wish to have you re-assessed and tested.

Do warehouse managers and supervisors need to be trained on a forklift?

Yes, PUWER Regulations 1998 state “all persons who supervise or manage the use of work equipment have received adequate training for the purpose of Health & Safety”
Therefore, it is important that Managers and Supervisors receive HSE recognised training.

I am currently unemployed and want to become a forklift driver, can you help?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer forklift training in training centres. We do list a number of forklift training centres in the UK, that may be able to help you get the correct certification. Click on the highlighted link for more details.

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