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Fast Forklift Facts!

Fast Forklift Facts!

If you don’t know a lot about Forklift Trucks, here are a few fast facts that will give you the basics!

  1. The Forklift Trucks we know today were originally developed in the 1960’s after vast changes in industry requirements in the late 19th and early 20th


  1. Battery Powered Forklifts were introduced in 1906, and during the First World War they were used for the handling of war materials.


  1. Forklift Trucks can be powered by Diesel, Petrol, Electricity, Batteries and Propane. Battery powered Forklifts are cheaper to maintain and obviously don’t produce harmful emissions. If it’s speed you’re looking for however, then propane powered trucks will be more appropriate.


  1. Lift trucks are usually used for working inside warehouses or factories. There are forklifts that are designed for outdoor use as well which are known as all-terrain forklifts. They mainly run on diesel or gas.


  1. Attachments can be used with forklifts to make the work easier and add additional functions. The most commonly used attachments are;
  1. The load-carrying capacity of each forklift can be found on a name plate or load capacity data plate that is in clear view of the operator whilst the load-carrying capabilities of forklifts differ.


  1. The most commonly used forklifts can carry loads of one to five tons. Larger forklifts have a load capacity of up to 50 tons.

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