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Forklift Training Test Questions

Forklift Training Test courses are broken up into a couple of sections:


Like a driving licence test, when training on Forklift Trucks you are required to do theory work. Part of this is to watch a safety video on the type of Forklift Truck that you will be training on, the instructor will then fire a few questions at the trainees to see if they have been paying attention.

The instructors cover all aspects of safety when using a Forklift Truck as part of the theory test, from possible hazards in and around your workplace to how to store the forklift at night or when not in use.


This is it, you get to go on the Forklift Truck, but only if the instructor feels you are competent enough and you have listened to all of the saftey procedures.

The practical test differs from forklift truck to forklift truck, however the main areas of training includes:

  • Safely navigating the Forklift Truck around familiar work environments
  • Using the forks safely on the Forklift Truck to lift various objects eg. pallets, water tanks, etc.
  • Using the forklift internally and externally safely, ensuring employee safety at all times.
  • Procedures before and after using a Forklift truck inc. Charging if electric and maintnenace of LPG if gas powered.
  • Using the Forklift Truck safely on roads (if applicable)


At the end of the training, the instructor will recap everything that has been discussed on the proceeding days and then its test time!

There will be a number of questions asked which you will need to complete within a time frame, these are not published on our website and may change from course to course. It isn’t something you can really cheat at, so please do take your time and listen to our forklift instructors. Your life can depend on it, Forklift Trucks are dangerous.

If you did want to do a bit of a Forklift Test, please see the link.

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