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Forklift Trucks and Mobile Phone Use

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It’s a question we are often asked when providing training nationwide – ‘what are the rules on mobile phone usage and operating a Forklift?’
With the considerably high amount of accidents that are reported each week with regard to Forklift accidents, it is always best to exercise caution whenever you’re around, or operating, a Forklift truck. So, when Forklift Agency is asked about mobile phone use, we feel that common sense prevails in this instance as well as following guidance from the Forklift Truck Association.
According to the Forklift Truck Association, there are no specific regulations that relate to the use of mobile phones whilst operating a truck, although law prohibits the use of a hand-held phone whilst driving on a public road. Therefore, should you be operating a Forklift that is licensed to be on public roads then the law states that mobile phones should not to be used.
In certain workplaces there may be an operational reason for wanting to use a hands-free mobile phone but the Forklift Truck Association and Forklift Agency both recommend that mobile phones, even hands-free, are not used whilst operating a truck.
If hands-free is used in the workplace then this should certainly be subject to risk assessment. It is recommended that it would be good practice to ban the use of mobile phones, including hands-free, for all personal use whilst operating a Forklift Truck.
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