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Pedestrian Stacker Truck Training

A “Stacker” truck, also known as a “Pedestrian Stacker” is a type of forklift where the operator walks behind it.

It is used to raise and stack pallets in a warehouse.

All pedestrian stacker trucks are moved through foot power, meaning an operator walks behind the forklift to move it backwards and forwards.

Pedestrian stackers are made for stacking and lifting onto warehouse shelving, so lifting height of the truck is typically high, they also have a relatively high lifting weight.

These types of forklifts use electricity instead of an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)

There forklifts have an arm that the operator holds on to, moves and has buttons to operate the forklift forwards and backwards.

The controls are simple to use, so the operators can learn to use these pallet stackers quickly and efficiently.

Pedestrian Stacker Truck Training

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