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Powered Pallet Truck Training

Powered Pallet Trucks (PPT) is a walk behind forklift that is used to move pallets quickly and efficiently around a workplace environment.

These are often used in warehouses and can also be seen on shop floors where operators use them to transport stick to various parts of a supermarket, with little effort.

The PPT allows the drive to both lift an shift the loads with little to no effort and still be precise.

The Powered Pallet Truck is an inexpensive and smart alternative to a traditional Counterbalance Forklift Truck.

The PPT is powered by electricity through a battery, this allows a full shift of usage and recharging on at a charging point means that the PPT can be topped up overnight, ready to be used the next day.

Safety is important and a requirement at all times, the lower skirt helps avoid catching people’s feet underneath the pPT and a reversing button on the control arm also stops possible injuries.

Brakes are also used on PPT’s despite it being less powerful than a traditional Forklift Truck. The brake is attached to the hand operated part of the handle known as the Tiller Arm, all other functions top operate the pallet truck can also be found there.

Powered Pallet Truck Training

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