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Reach Forklift Training

A Reach Forklift Truck is one of the most popular forklifts found in a warehouse environment after a Counterbalance Forklift.

A variant of the Rider Stack Forklift, a reach truck is designed for small aisles and most commonly electrically powered.

The forklift is named “reach” due to it’s forks are able to extend to “reach” the load it is picking up.

There are two variants of the reach truck:

  • Moving Mast
  • Moving Carriage

Moving Mast Reach Truck

The moving mast reach truck is the truck commonly used globally and is regarded as much safer than the other variant.

Moving Carriage Reach Truck

This type of reach truck is used more in North America and is called Moving Carriage. It is uncommon in the United Kingdom.

Reach Forklift Training

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