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Side Loading Forklift Truck

Side Loading Forklift Trucks are ideal when it comes to carrying and handling long loads.

They are mainly used in wood and timber processing plants and facilities, as well as metal plants and warehouses storing long products such as piping, sheet metals and even rails.

The mast on the side of a sideloader forklift and the flawless manoeuvrability given by this truck are features that make the truck perfect for narrow aisles.

Using this truck helps you optimise space on the work floor.

Sideloaders are either powered by either electric or a internal combustion engine (ICE). They range from 5 tonne to over 15 tonne and is always a “Rider”

This means that the forklift driver sits on the forklift as opposed to Pedestrian or Walkers where the driver walks and/or pushes/pulls the truck such as a powered pallet truck.

Side Loading Forklift Truck

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