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Telescopic Forklift Training

Telescopic Forklift Trucks are also known as Telehandler or Telescopic Handler, is similar in appearance and function to a traditional forklift, but is crossed with certain functions similar to a crane.

With the increased versatility of a single telescopic “boom” that can be extended forwards or upwards from the vehicle, the telescopic truck can be used with many attachments such as a bucket, pallet forks, lift table or a muck grab.

The most common attachment for the telehandler truck is pallet forks and the most common function is to move loads to and from places unreachable for a normal forklift.

Due to its 4×4 attributes, large grooved treads and bulky tyres, a large engine putting a lot of power in and a high lift height. The telehandler makes it easier to transport over rough and uneven terrain.

Telescopic Forklift Training

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