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The Future is Bright for Forklift Operators

The future is bright for forklift operators

If you’re considering a career change, why not consider a role as a Forklift Operator?
The sector believes that there will be a large increase in demand for Forklift Truck Operators over the coming years as more and more companies require the use of forklifts to help keep their businesses thriving.
There is currently a 26% gap in the sector due to skills shortages and with 94% of trained employees currently in a role there is plenty of room to appeal to more women to join the industry.
Over the forthcoming years the requirement for Forklift Operators is going to be considerably higher than it is currently. The requirement for high standards of training is going to be increasing rapidly and this is where Forklift Agency can help.
Working within the industry as a Forklift Truck Operator can involve working in factories, retail warehouses, stores, goods yards, ports, airport and haulage depots. With further training and experience you could look towards promotion as a Forklift Instructor or Maintenance Engineer. You could also transfer into industries such as logistics or construction.
Whether you’re a company and looking to get individuals trained up, or you’re an individual who is looking for a career change, then get in touch with Forklift Agency today and enquire about our Health and Safety approved training, offered nationwide.
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