Get Winter Ready!

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Winter might seem like an age away but when it comes to the weather in the UK we all know it can turn at the drop of a hat.


Not only that, but time often passes us by and before we know it, all those good intentions about making preparations early, have now passed by.


With this in mind, we’ve put together a few guidelines about taking the appropriate means to get the right measures in place so you and your business can be equipped come the winter months.


By arranging a Winter Check early, your business can be prepared for the winter months and less likely to suffer any downtime due to lack of preparation. Ensure that tyres are suitable for all conditions and any that are worn ensure they’re replaced.


It’s important to carry out daily checks. These are important at any time of year but in the winter all oils and lubricants should be replenished regularly and the level of anti-freeze,  should also be kept topped up.


It should go without saying but services should be done regularly and ensure that any maintenance that need to be carried out is done. Regular Maintenance and Serving should mean that the risk of any unexpected breakdowns should be minimal.


Ensure that all lights work on the forklift, that means that both you can be seen and you can see others. Operating a forklift in poor visibility can dramatically increase the risk of accidents.


If your Forklift operators work outdoors ensure that all paths are free of fallen leaves, snow, ice etc to ensure the safest conditions possible.


Lastly, ensure that all staff are fully trained and have also been on refresher where necessary.


Forklift Agency can assist with all your training needs, from the standard forklift to man-up, side-loader and tele handler. We offer training at a time and place to suit you and we don’t charge travelling costs. We offer the training nationwide and we have great reviews from very happy customers.


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