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How long does a Forklift Licence last?

How long does a Forklift Licence last?

One question we get asked repeatedly is “How long does a forklift licence last?” – Whilst we do cover this on our Frequently Asked Questions page, we thought we’d go into a bit of detail.

Forklift Licences

A common misconception is that there is no such thing as a Forklift Licence, however, you do receive “certification” as part of a completed professional forklift training programme.

Whilst the certification doesn’t have an expiration date, the time between being certification and re-training, as recommended by the Health and Saftey Excutive (HSE) is a maximum of 3 years.

This is to ensure that the forklift operator’s skills and safety knowledge is kept current and that good driving practices are maintained.

More Information

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