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HSE publishes policy for dealing with cases where a local authority is minded to grant planning permission or hazardous substances consent against HSE’s advice

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In August 2011, HSE published circular – SPC/Tech/Gen/49 – Criteria document for land use planning cases of serious public safety concern – setting out HSE’s current policy when a Hazardous Substances Authority or Planning Authority advises HSE that it is minded to go against its advice and grant either hazardous substances consent, or planning permission for a development within HSE’s consultation distance of a major hazard installation/pipeline. It includes the criteria which HSE will use to decide whether it should request that such applications are called-in by the Secretary of State, or Welsh Ministers, for their own determination, or to inform Scottish Ministers that HSE maintains its objection to a development proposal and invite them to call it in for their own consideration. This replaces the previous circular SPC/Tech/Gen/22.

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