The Importance of the Right Training

Posted by | December 4, 2017 | Latest News, News


Many of you may have already heard about Derbyshire based firm Vinyl Compound’s recent fine. If you aren’t already in the know, the firm have been fined £450,000 after a young employee was crushed to death by the forklift that he had been operating.


Anyone involved in the industry is likely to already be aware of the number of incidents, even deaths, that occur in workplaces all over the country each year. Many of these incidents could have been prevented if the right training had been provided and equipment is subject to the correct and regular checks being carried out.


It really is imperative that all employers and employees are aware of all the requirements by law when it comes to forklifts and their operation.


Here at Forklift Agency, we can provide both novice and refresher training which is Health and Safety approved and delivered to the highest standards. We can provide training all over the country and we don’t charge travelling costs to deliver the training. We’re also happy to train your employees at a time and place that is convenient to you.


We not only provide the more common forklift training courses but we have specially qualified instructors that can also deliver training on the lesser known equipment such as the telehandler.


As an employer or an employee, if you don’t ensure that all staff are thoroughly trained and also put through refresher training then you run the risk of both death and serious injury happening in the workplace as well as major fines.


There really is no need to put off sorting forklift training so why not get in touch today and let us assist you in making your workplace a safer place. Call 0330 330 9495 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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