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An Introduction to the Telescopic Handler

An Introcduction to the Telescopic Handler

Also known as a Telehandler or Teleporter the Telescopic Handler is a machine mainly used in construction and agriculture.
Although the Telescopic Handler looks like, and functions, like a forklift it is more of a crane than a forklift. It has a single telescopic boom, which can be extended forwards and upwards from the vehicle, on which attachments such as a bucket, muck grabs, pallet forks and winch.
The Telescopic Handler is most commonly used to move loads to and from places that are unreachable to the conventional forklift. For example, the Telescopic Handler is able to reach heights that would otherwise need a crane to access.
The Telescopic Handler however isn’t without fault. The main advantage of this machine can also be its downfall. As the boom extends or rises with its load, it can become unstable despite the counterbalances in the machine’s rear. When the working radius (the difference between the front of the wheels and the centre of the load) increases therefore the amount of load weight the Telescopic Handler can lift decreases. When used as a single boom the problem still remains despite its careful design.
Machines can also be equipped with front stabilizers, which can assist with a load weight whilst the vehicle is stationary.
When an operator is using the Telescopic Handler, they will have a load chart, which will instruct them as to whether or not a task is possible dependent upon the weight of the load, the height and the boom angle. Many of the new Telescopic Handlers now have sensors to monitor the machine and should there be a problem it will alert the operator and should cut off further control input should the limits of the vehicle be exceeded.
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