Keep Your Employees Safe with Proximity Warning System

Forklift Truck
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As most employees know, keeping staff members safe is absolutely paramount and ensuring staff are adequately trained and provided with refresher training is a must.


With hundreds of forklift truck accidents happening in the workplace each year, there is a constant reminder to ensure that safety procedures are in place and staff are aware of them.


Safety checks on a forklift should be carried out each time before use as so to minimise the chances of anything going wrong with the forklift itself. Operators however don’t go through the same safety checks before each working day and knowledge that they’ve be taught on training can often diminish from being at the forefront of the operator’s thoughts.


With this in mind, Safezone have developed a system which creates an alert or warning when in close proximity of an object.


Safezone understand that the risk of collision is far greater when an operator is carrying large, bulky loads on a forklift due to restricted driver vision, driving around blind corners as well as carry out specific manoeuvres. The risks are also increased when working in close proximity to pedestrians.


Safezone consists of an in-cab control unit with detection antennas, which produce a 360 degree zone around the forklift. Each pedestrian working within that environment is given a tag to wear that can easily be integrated into a high visibility jacket. Should a pedestrian, wearing a tag, then enters the restricted area, an alert to the forklift operator is then sent.


If this is something you or your staff are interested in, you can find out more at the ZoneSafe website. ZoneSafe can work alongside regularly trained forklift operators and that’s where Forklift Agency can help. Forklift Agency provide training to both employers and individuals in a place of their choice. We don’t charge for travelling costs and we offer the training nationwide. If you’re interested, you can speak to a member of the team on 0330 330 9495 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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