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Maintenance of Forklift Trucks

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It’s not rocket science to understand that if Forklift Trucks aren’t maintained properly they can be very dangerous. With this in mind it’s important to understand that checks should be done to limit any risk.
Although it’s the Managers and Supervisors that hold ultimate responsibility if operations go wrong, it is the operator that is responsible for carrying out pre-use checks and to always operate the Forklift is a safe manner.
The law states that both employers and employees should always ensure that a Forklift Truck is safe to use and fit for its purpose.
Forklift Trucks are subject to statutory examination by a competent person and daily or pre-shift checks are necessary to ensure good maintenance and lesser risk of unscheduled work stoppages due to a breakdown in equipment.
Daily checks should include:
Reversing alarm
Flashing beacon
Thorough weekly checks by a Supervisor or Manager are advised and reports should be written and detailed records kept. It’s equally important to ensure maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is carried out.
If the necessary checks are done, as they should be, well-maintained Forklifts should be more reliable, cheaper to run and have higher residual value. They’ll also ensure a safer working environment for employees as well as a reduced likelihood of injuries to the operator and pedestrians in the vicinity of the forklift. Finally, employer benefits include less chance of work being stopped due to problems, more reliable customer service as well as longer Forklift lifespan and reliability.
Now you’re aware of the benefits of Forklift checks and maintenance but it’s equally vital that employees are trained to a high standard when operating Forklift Trucks. That’s where Forklift Agency can help!
If you are interested in Forklift Training or you have employees that you’d like to put through training please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Complete for form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.
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