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What do I need to be a Forklift Driver

So you are looking at becoming a Forklift Driver, not a problem! Here is some information you may require before going any deeper!

First of all, you need to be at least 16 years old. If the forklift truck is going to be operated on any public highways, then a driving licence is required!

However, did you know there is no such thing as a Forklift Licence! However it is the employers duty to ensure adequate training is carried out on all employees before they operate the machinery.

There are no set requirements to become an operator of a Forklift truck, but everyone must understand that a Forklift is extremely dangerous and safe use is advised at all times.

Main duties of a Forklift Operator:

  • Working with various forklifts including counterbalance, reach, telescopic, side loading and pedestrian controlled pallet trucks.
  • Loading and unloading of goods and packages from a number of vehicles including vans, lorries and even big objects like aircraft.
  • Moving goods from one area to another, safely.
  • Stacking goods safely and in the correct areas.
  • Following strict control instructions.
  • Stacking empty pallets saefely.
  • Performing daily equipment checks before and after use, inc. Gas and electrical chargers
  • Checking loads are secured
  • Helping to load and unload by hand, if required.
  • Other warehouse duties such as packing

Forklift Operators Average Salary

Forklift Operators in the UK should expect between £15,000 to £17,000 per annum. This can ofter rise to £26,000 with experience. This information is correct as of 16th March 2016.

Forklift Operators Expected Hours

A Forklift Operator should expect to work anywhere between 35 and 42 hours a week. Shift work is common and some organisations operate 12 hour shifts.

Forklift Training Providers

Your employer will use a forklift training provider in the UK, these are generally onsite at your work’s premises. This is ideal as the training takes place in familiar surroundings and using trucks that will be used within your role, it is often cheaper than a Forklift Training Centre.

Forklift Training Centres is the alternative, your employer could send you to one of these and there are lots of them up and down the UK. However they can work out more expensive than on-site forklift training.

Forklift Training Costs

Forklift Training costs can vary, many employers use on-site forklift training providers as it can work out cheaper than a training centre. However, there are many people out there who want a change of career or even unemployed who want to become a forklift operator, they can self fund or maybe apply for a training grant, although the latter is rare now.

Costs can differ depending on level of experience, but tends to take 3-5 days depending on how many people are on the course, usually a maximum of 3 per forklift instructor. For moe information on costs, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or call us on 0330 330 9495.

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