New Electric Counterbalance Forklift Range

Forklift Truck in Warehouse
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It has been announced last week that Doosan have launched a brand new range of four-wheel electric counterbalance trucks namely the B45X-7 Series.


The range will consist of four models which will cover load capacities from 4 to 5 tonnes.


The range has also been designed to cover a wide range of industries including those such as engineering and building supplies, the food and drink industry, manufacturing as well as warehouse and transport.


Doosan have stated that the brand new electric range are perfectly reliable and durable and suited to both wet and dry dusty weather conditions as well as being able to cover long shifts outdoors. The IP65 and the IP43 Curtis AC Controllers mean that there is high resilience to both dust and water ensuring that they can be suited to nearly all conditions and offer just as good performance as any predecessor.


The Doosan oil-cooled brake system is fantastic in that it last lasts 5 times longer than conventional brakes ensuring maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. As if that wasn’t enough, the turning circle is now more responsive, smoother and even tighter ensuring better performance. Operation is also easier too with a new well-placed hydraulic control lever so changing direction of travel swiftly, offering better productivity.


So if you’re looking at adding to the Forklift Fleet, Doosan offer a great range and also better for the plant that the fuel alternatives.


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