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Operating a Hand Pallet Truck Safely

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Anyone working in this industry must be aware that safety is paramount when it comes to the workplace and operating machinery.
No matter what piece of machinery it is that an operator is planning on using, the utmost care should be taken to ensure that pre-operating checks are carried out and when in use that the machinery or vehicle is used safely and correctly.
Although the Hand Pallet Truck doesn’t have an engine it is still important that it is used correctly to avoid injury or incident.
Before the Hand Pallet Truck is used, it is important that the truck is checked for damage and cracks that may be visible. The forks should also be raised in order to look for any signs of problems with the hydraulics such as an oil leak. The pump can be checked by pressing the leaver downwards and operating the handle.
Here is a quick checklist for operating the Hand Pallet Truck Safely:

  1. Always check the load is securely stacked and the pallet is not damaged.
  2. Carefully ensure that the forks are in the gaps correctly, push the two handles down in an upright position and then push steadily forwards.
  3. Rise the forks with the handle and ensure that the load is clear from the floor. At this point you can return the handles to a neutral position.
  4. Ensure there is always enough room when operating the truck both in the forks off the floor and the load from any overhead or width restrictions.
  5. Push the handle down, turn the face the direction of intended travel and then ensure you know which hand you’ll be operating the truck. Use your left hand to turn left and the right hand to turn right.
  6. Check your surroundings are clear of obstructions and pedestrians and then with the handle low, gently pull the truck to begin moving with the forks training behind you.
  7. Where possible, travel on the left-hand side of the aisle, travel at a safe speed and also walk to one side of the truck.
  8. Always walk, never run or make any sudden movements. Never stand on the inside of a turn and never stand in front of the truck whilst it is travelling.
  9. On a slope, ensure that the handles are well controlled to control the trucks speed, pull back on both handles to keep control.
  10. At the point where the load is to be unloaded, put the load in position, ensure the operator is clear of the load and then lower the load by slowly pulling on the leaver. Always ensure you have the load under control.
  11. When load in finally in position, release the leaver into a neutral position and pull the hand pallet truck clear of the pallet.

Reading operating manuals is no substitute for full, practical training and this is where Forklift Agency can help. Forklift provide health and safety approved training at a time and place to suit you. Forklift Agency don’t charge travelling costs and their trainers are friendly and professional. To book your next training session, be in novice or refresher, call the team on 0330 330 9495 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.
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