Pre-use Forklift Truck Check Inspection Pads

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The forklift truck inspection pads are required to carry out pre-use inspections, 50 inspection sheets are included per booklet.

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The forklift truck inspection pads form part of the pre-use check that should be carried out before the use of a forklift truck.

Each book contains 50 inspection sheets with carbon paper to keep a record of the daily inspections. Once a slip has been complete, the slip is removed. This leaves the carbon copy of the inspection in the booklet and allows the record of the forklift truck to remain with the vehicle at all times.

Each pad is printed with a consecutive reference number to enable the employer to track inspections completed as per HSE guidelines.

The removed copy of the pre-use inspection sheet should be removed from the booklet and displayed in the front pocket of the truck to inform other forklift operators of whether the truck has passed or failed its pre-use inspection.

Important Note. This does not include the plastic slips, which can be purchased separately.

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