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Safety Aspects of Forklift Trucks

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One of the most crucial parts of Forklift Training is health and safety and how it plays a part in almost all aspects of operating a Forklift Truck.
Safety is a multifaceted challenge and includes undertaking proper training, ensuring that the Forklift is adequately maintained, ensuring that all the necessary checks are carried out thoroughly and regularly as well as making sure that the right machine is used for the right job.
Take tyres for example, as with a car on the road, the right tyres play a crucial part in the operation of a Forklift Truck. There are 3 types you’ll find on a Forklift Truck these are rubber, pneumatic and polyurethane.
Rubber tyres are most suited to interior use but they are also the most likely to puncture or deflate. Pneumatic tyres are the ideal choice for heavy operations and are specifically designed to be durable. Polyurethane are used for electric Forklifts and specialised material handling.
Consideration should also be given to the type of environment that a Forklift is being used in. Being aware of the type of terrain on which you are using the Forklift ensures that you can maintain the highest levels of safety at all time. For example, using a Forklift of rough, outdoor terrain may require the use of highly durable tyres. It is vitally important that the Forklift Operator has been specifically trained on using a Forklift on rough terrain and can avoid the risk of accidents or turnovers when dealing with dips and uneven ground.
Another type of environment in which the operator should be aware is using a Forklift in narrow warehouses. Forklift Operators should exercise caution keeping their turning radius in mind at all times.
Additionally, operators should be aware that differently powered Forklifts all vary in power. For lighter lifting, electric Forklifts are ideal however diesel and fuel operated Forklifts are ideal for more heavy duty operations.
Finally, operating a Forklift safely means monitoring and understanding the dashboards of Forklift Trucks. Many operators fail to spot warning signs which in turn can cause damage to a Forklift and ultimately cause a safety concern.
It’s understandable to see why it is important that anyone operating a Forklift Truck is fully trained and understands fully all aspects of health and safety. Here at Forklift Agency, we offer Health and Safety approved training nationwide to both individuals and to employers. If you’re looking for Forklift Training please don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can call 0330 330 9495 or complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we possible can.
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