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How To Tell When Your Forklift Needs Replacing

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It may sound obvious that you’d know when your Forklift requires replacing but if you’re unsure what you should be looking for, this guide may help.
Tyres: Forklift Trucks do not have a standard suspension systems and therefore means that the entire weight of a forklift is put onto the Forklift’s tyres. For this reason, it’s really important to ensure that these are regularly checked and are replaced as soon is necessary.
The biggest indicator that the tyres require replacing are when they are worn below the wear line. Other factors include any tears or flat spots which could make the machine unbalanced.
Forks: Firstly, any damage should you acknowledged as this can cause weakness of the forks or to the good that are being moved. It is important to regularly measure the forks to ensure that they don’t exceed 10% of their normal thickness as this can impact on lifting capacity. The angle of the forks should also be checked to ensure that these are correct.
Oil Leaks: As with any other vehicle, it is important to check the oil levels and for any leaks as this can be a common problem with forklifts. A regular service can keep on top of this and any repairs required are usually taken care of quickly.
The Chain and Mast: With the chain it’s important to ensure that it is not worn, rusty and is free of any kinks. A damaged chain can also cause damage to the goods. The mast should move smoothly so ensure there is no jerking or catching, again a regular service can keep this is check.
So now you know how to maintain your forklift, it’s just as important to have members of staff regularly trained and up to date with operating the machines.
Forklift Agency can assist with the training with their highly experienced and professional trainers. We don’t charge travelling costs and we’ll provide the training at a time and place to suit you.
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