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Who is BRITTop?

Who is BRITTop?

BRITTop is one of the newest accreditation bodies in the UK for trainers, training providers and operators, whilst new, their team is definitely not new to the industry and have a wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Why is BRITTop different?

The team behind BRITTop felt as though that the existing accreditation systems were stuck in a “time-warp” and it was time for a change in the industry.

Many of the training standards and courses set by the existing bodies, were based on older machinery, BRITTop arrived to shake the system up.

Why has Forklift Agency chosen BRITTop?

Forklift Agency was subscribed to some of the other existing accredited bodies, however, the team felt that the service vs. cost did not match up. Disorganisation by a training body ensured that it was time to make the leap to BRITTop.

More Information on Forklift Training

If you would like any further information on the Forklift Training courses that we offer in the UK, please contact the team on 0330 330 9495 or complete the ENQUIRY FORM below.

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