3 Ways Smart Trucks Will Help Your Business

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Smart Trucks are a great option for the future and a great option for improving your business operations in the future.


If you’re unsure as to the benefits, you’ll find maximum value-added operation with no waste in energy and time saved as a result. Staff will be more productive due to time-saving means and whether you’re a business with just one forklift or you have a large fleet, there are benefits to all.


The first is increased productivity:


Taking the time to complete a review of your overall logistics operation can be a big task but one that can also be very worthwhile. On average the actual utilisation levels of forklifts used in a workplace is as low as 35% so reviewing your companies own utilisation levels could provide a saving immediately.


Smart trucks go one step further however as those fitted with Toyota’s I-Site data mean that all the smart trucks already in operation are using data planning to improve existing operations. As a result of this, redundant forklifts may be identified and those that are in operation can be used to their maximum potential in order to increase productivity. This can be particularly useful if your business is spread over multiple sites.


Another benefit of the I-Site application is that it makes it possible to ensure that drivers are operating machinery safely, identify any training requirements and ensure that staff productivity levels in the company are as required.


The second is improving safety:


It’s universally acknowledged by employers that they want to offer staff a safe workplace and avoid injury at all costs. I-Site can assist employers with lowering workplace risks by using the system to control the speed of the smart truck in turn lowing the chances of collisions.


Should a collision occur, smart trucks are able to provide an overview of the impact, the date and time of when it happened as well as the impact registered as well as the speed. By being able to analyse this smart data, this can assist employers in trying to prevent further collisions in the future.


I-Site can also be used to monitor which employees are authorised to carry out pre-operational safety checks, as well as which drivers are allowed to drive certain trucks. The software can request that drivers do the necessary pre-checks prior to starting up the forklift.


Finally, increasing battery and machine life and lowering costs:


Using the I-Site software employers can ensure that the forklifts are only being used when required extending the lifetime of the fleet. The same applies in regards to the battery, the life can be extended by optimising battery usage via monitoring.


All of this smart technology enables there to be fewer incidents in the workplace, machinery being used to their full potential with less wastage and in turn reducing maintenance costs and insurance premiums due to claims.


Although technology plays a bit part in the workplace today and is destined to be even more prevalent in the future, it is essential that all operators are fully trained and qualified and that the training is kept up to date. This is where Forklift Agency can help, we provide both health and safety approved novice and refresher forklift training to individuals and employers. We don’t charge travelling costs and we’ll provide the training at a time and place to suit you. Give the team a call on 0330 330 9495 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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