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You could be forgiven for thinking that training is training and once a member of staff is trained that risks are reduced and all boxes are ticked. Sadly this is not the case.
It has been proven by the RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) that training that is delivered in-house increases the risk of incident in the workplace.
The findings detail that employers are taking risks by offering in-house training and that companies could be compromising safety and compliance.
Accredited training has to meet external standards which are confirmed as having met the requirements to better improve employee and workplace safety and delivered to a high standard that much ‘in-house’ training can lack in.
Accredited training ensures that what is taught is compliant with relevant Codes of Practice and all relevant legislation. It will offer a clear record of what has been covered in the training as well as the duration of the training, the testing that took place and also the conditions as to where the testing was conducted.
Accredited training will cover all of the required information and subjects that are required for skilled operation as well as safety in the workplace. Accredited training will also ensure that any assessments and testing will have been done to fairly and correctly.
Often training standards, or lack of, is often highlighted in the event of an accident or problem within a workplace at which point somebody’s life may have been affected. If accredited training has been received then there will be an audit trail of this and what was carried out and when.
Accredited training is also carried out yearly and therefore stops any ‘bad habits’ in their tracks, in-house doesn’t always mean that the training will be carried out rigorously each year and in turn puts workers at risk.
Forklift Agency provide training that is accredited and provide the training all over the country. They will provide the training at a time and place to suit you and travelling costs are not charged. Why not speak to a member of the team today and find out more? Call 0330 330 9495 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.
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